Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dirty Laundry

I've been saying since the outset that I've wanted to avoid airing dirty laundry on this blog: that is, that I want to not spend time bad-mouthing Christians on this blog. As a result, I've been reading and re-reading my blog every once in a while, checking to make sure I don't cross the line.

This has become more important, as people are now actually reading it. I've shared the url for this blog with a few people, and I've linked to it from one online forum where I occasionally participate. Other than that, I've tried to not advertise it: consider that an experiment in graph theory on the web.

Well, I was re-reading last night, and I decided to remove the post declaring myself Post-Brethren. I still hold that view, but I want to re-work that a little and re-post it. It was written in some frustration, and it was honest, but I think I crossed the line a couple times.

So rather than quietly altering the blog, I removed that post (well, I just un-published it), and I'll try and write something a little more controlled to express that, then post it here again.

A final word: I started this blog as a very personal thing: allowing me to express my thoughts and feelings as I'm working through some church issues. So it was not written to be reader-friendly, so to speak. But I have really enjoyed talking things over with the people who have come here, read it, and emailed me or commented. And I've used this blog occasionally to explain a conversation that started in the parking lot after meeting...

So the people who come here and read this, I never really wrote it for you, but I am very happy you're here. And for those people who've discussed this blog with me in comments or email, I've really enjoyed our chats.

And yes, that includes you, Bill.

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