Thursday, July 19, 2012

STEM eBooks!

I was poking around on the STEM Publishing website and I made a great discovery: they're putting out eBooks now!

This is fantastic news. I hate reading "online". I like my wife's Kindle, and I can tolerate the Kindle app on my Mac, but webpages are just hard to read. I prefer paper. But with STEM putting out eBooks, we can have the best of both worlds: convenience of electronic media, with a significantly improved reading experience.

STEM has been a classy site since the get-go. They've got some really, really good stuff available there for free. And as much as I prefer to read paper, I frequently use STEM as a convenient way to search for something I vaguely remember from a book, or a quick citation on this blog. I'm really, really happy to see eBooks on that site. Thanks a bunch, Les and all!

eBooks are here:

I'm off to read Trotter's Plain Papers on Prophetic and Other Subjects.