Thursday, July 19, 2012

STEM eBooks!

I was poking around on the STEM Publishing website and I made a great discovery: they're putting out eBooks now!

This is fantastic news. I hate reading "online". I like my wife's Kindle, and I can tolerate the Kindle app on my Mac, but webpages are just hard to read. I prefer paper. But with STEM putting out eBooks, we can have the best of both worlds: convenience of electronic media, with a significantly improved reading experience.

STEM has been a classy site since the get-go. They've got some really, really good stuff available there for free. And as much as I prefer to read paper, I frequently use STEM as a convenient way to search for something I vaguely remember from a book, or a quick citation on this blog. I'm really, really happy to see eBooks on that site. Thanks a bunch, Les and all!

eBooks are here:

I'm off to read Trotter's Plain Papers on Prophetic and Other Subjects.


Scott Thomson said...

This IS great news. I'm very thankful for great service STEM Publishing provides. Having their material in ereader format only makes the material more accessible.

I much rather read while I'm relaxing in a comfortable chair with a lightweight ereader than hunched over a computer desk.

Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Yes, and now they've got Day by Day (Koechlin) as a mobile app (with live blue letter Bible references) or you can download it as an eBook too.