Sunday, April 12, 2009


I ran across a gathering of Christians I was interested in checking out: they're an hour away from us, so we had to get going a little early this morning. But that's OK, we got the kids and everyone ready, made a big pot of coffee, and got out the door only 9 minutes after I had wanted to leave.  We drove an hour through the rainy NorthWestern spring to get to the place they gather just about 15 minutes before the time I had found online. In we went... to find them in full swing. A woman came out from the kitchen area and told us they had started an hour early today then would have a bit of a breakfast or lunch together (she'd been working on that). So instead of 15 minutes early, we were 45 minutes late.

It seemed a little rude to walk in about the time they were wrapping up and presumably join in on food, so we decided to leave. We had a nice second breakfast with hot chocolate at a McDonald's before coming home, and laughed about it pretty hard.

I hold no illusions that a 1-hour drive every week will be a workable solution. But finding a decent gathering that could be a once-a-month thing would be great. More importantly, it's possible someone there would know somebody closer to us, perhaps meeting in a home or something.  That would be great.


Chuck Hicks said...

I would've felt like turning around and leaving as well. Still, hanging around to see how the folk reacted to you under the circumstances would have been interesting if not more revealing.

Shan said...

Word verification: comic

An hour away is a long time, no doubt.

clumsy ox said...

I have to admit I thought of the possibility of using our tardiness as a sort of test, but I'm not terribly sorry to have left instead.

I guess I need to be sure I'm wearing my "WWCD" bracelet before I go out mornings ;)

Ames said...

I got to drive through waterfront Seattle, so I'm good.