Tuesday, October 8, 2013


The Lord does not need us to bless Him, but He is pleased to bless us: what He asks of us is to sit at Jesus' feet and receive the abundant grace He bestows on us.
J. N. Darby, "Notes on 1 Chronicles 13-17" (Collected Writings, Volume 30, p. 13).

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Anonymous said...

I am an avid reader of Darby and concur with your writings. it is wonderful to find someone who shares the same passion for Mr. Darby's work. Your assessment of his work is quite correct. His main theme was the overwhelming and sufficient grace of God. when reading him I got the same conviction that you did. Here was a man who was not just teaching a lesson or siting facts. He came across with a credibility of one who knew God, one who was in intimate relations with him. This comes across repeatedly in his writings. His work breathes, it has life and there were some passages in which I had to put the book down, being moved to tears at his description of Christ.

James MacInnis
Welland, On. Canada