Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I've been reading another book by R. A. Huebner recently: God’s Sovereignty and Glory in the Election and Salvation of Lost Men. What an amazing book! I highly recommend downloading it and giving it a look.


Joshua said...

I also recommend you to read RAH's "The work of Christ on cross and some of its results"(the book is not yet available for reading online) .These two books perfectly complement each other and with "From New birth to New creation" these three are simply the best I've read on this subject.
Your brother in Christ from India,

Scott said...

Thanks bro for the recommendation. This is a subject I've been interested in of late.

Question: How did you read the book? Did you print it out? or did you read it on a laptop or a tablet?

PDF ebooks are great as a quick and easy way to distribute the book, however I have found reading a PDF of any length a bit trying.

Berlin said...

So thankful Mark to see the interest in this most valuable ministry. I thoroughly endorse Joshua's comment above. I would love to see this dynamic trilogy in paperback for a wider distribution, but am thankful the books are available in any form. If there is one thing needful in the so-called brethren assemblies, in particular, and the household of faith in general it is a fresh recovery of these recovered truths. Not just a recovery of doctrine, but a recovery of their living power over the soul. I am so grateful to the Lord to see this "Little Cloud" of blessing expanding more and more for His glory. For any who have difficulty reading on electronic devices, there is a very inexpensive little program available called "Fine Print". This program will enable you to print multiple pages on one sheet, and on front and back if your printer has that capability.

clumsy ox said...

Scott, I haven't finished the book yet: I'm reading the free download PDF on my smartphone. I'll be the first to say it's not the optimal way to read, but it works reasonably well.

I know you'll want to know this: I'm using Adobe Acrobat Reader on a Samsung Galaxy Note. The screen real estate on the Note makes it a reasonable reading device (not a Kindle, of course, but definitely usable), and I find myself using the "highlight" feature quite frequently.

With Berlin and Joshua, I highly recommend From New Birth to New Creation. In fact, it was Berlin who gave me my copy. That's no longer in print, but that PDF is also available free from PTP.

clumsy ox said...

Both this book and From New Birth to New Creation point out how completely lost man in Adam is. They point out again and again (for slow learners like me) that God is no longer working with men and women in Adam. Christ has come, the Second Man has displaced the first (1 Corinthians 15:45–50).

This isn't something "new" in one sense: you'll find it in Darby, Kelly, etc. In fact, Huebner's books are largely quotes from them. He isn't very original in that sense. But he has put them together in a very powerful way, and sometimes that can cut a little too deeply for comfort.

Huebner's books make me squirm.

Make no mistake: this book is mainly a defense of God's sovereignty. But I think the greater value is in reminding us that God is no longer dealing with us "in Adam", we are now "in Christ". He doesn't want to improve us per se He wants us to be content with Christ and our place in Him.