Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lesson number one

I think the most important lesson I have learned so far in my life is, God is more interested in being good to me than in my being good for Him.

Now why did that take so long?


KingJaymz said...

Because we are thick-headed dumba**es, my friend. Just that simple. Well, that and fundamentalism beats the "must be good for God" into us so hard that we learn to neglect His goodness toward us.

Gwen said...

Ditto to Jared.

Shan said...

I have to admit this is one thing that I got a long, long, long, long time ago.

Here's what I realized years and years ago. God is just like Dad, only perfect. Dad figures I'm pretty wonderful. Dad figures I'm a "fine girl". You won't catch Dad blasting me for a childish mistake - he just hugs me and says he's still proud of me, and he knows I tried my best.

Can't wait to meet Him, really.

Ames said...

Not so sure, if I have truly learned this one or not.