Wednesday, September 5, 2007


You know, I never really thought about this before; but the one Man who actually obeyed God at every turn and every moment was the One who knows Him. Not just knows about Him; but knows Him.

I've been thinking about that, because I think there is a key principle involved. That is, I am convinced we don't trust God because we don't know Him. And we have trouble obeying Him, because we have trouble trusting Him. But if we were really convinced of His goodness, that would certainly affect our obedience.

I know, there is sin in the flesh; there is that in us that rails against God. But there is still the principle that knowing God leads us to trust Him.

So Christ, the One who really knew God, is also the One who completely trusted Him.

I'm thinking about that today.

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KingJaymz said...

This is the new key for my understanding of the Bible and the Lord, Himself. It's not how much I know about God that strengthens, guides and shapes my faith and worldview, rather how much I know Him. That's what makes the Bible more than just another book.