Sunday, March 2, 2008

Nearness and Confidence

Fred said it best:
Many of us would like to find some unvarying rule by which, in the midst of church difficulties, to steer our way; while, as to circumstances, we should be well pleased to see, as another has said, a full supply for every need within our reach. Neither the one nor the other is at all likely to be the experience of saints if going on with God, since there would in either case be but little call for the exercise of faith, or of moral perception. The question then arises, Are we to be dismayed by the anticipation of troubles in the assembly, or of pressure in our individual path? What is the antidote? The answer is confidence -- and confidence is the effect of nearness, having its source in the knowledge of God: "I know whom I have believed". Nearness may be spoken of as the peculiar characteristic blessing of Christianity. Now that redemption has been accomplished, and Christ is exalted as Man to God's right hand, God has begun to effectuate the purposes of His will, and in this the heavenly takes precedence of the earthly.
"Nearness and Confidence", Ministry by F. E. Raven, Vol. 7


Daryl said...

Quoting FER after writing an article on apostasy? Priceless! Its a great quote, btw... (and I don't consider FER apostate, either, just to be clear)

Chuck Hicks said...
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Chuck Hicks said...
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Chuck Hicks said...

Restart: I agree with Daryl.

clumsy ox said...

OK, so I had to delete my initial snarkey comment.

FER got confused about some things. Kinda like me. Unlike many of his opponents, he doesn't appear to think he had the last word in determining the truth.

On the upside, Oceania couldn't exist without Emmanuel Goldstein, so maybe we owe FER a huge debt.