Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Kingdom of God

I've mentioned before my interest in the Kingdom of God. I was struck yesterday as I read through Acts, how frequently the Kingdom of God is mentioned, particularly in the second half of the book. Take, for example, the last two verses:
30* And he [Paul] remained two whole years in his own hired lodging, and received all who came to him,
31* preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching the things concerning the Lord Jesus Christ, with all freedom unhinderedly.
(Acts 28:30--31)


Gwen said...

I'm v. interested in what you have to say about the Kingdom of God. Tell me more, please.

Gwen said...

Word verification is "crzyast." Sometimes I suspect that my ideas about the Kingdom of God are totally crzyast, and I'd be interested to hear some Clumsy Thoughts on it.