Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So I'm in a meeting today with two web developers. I mentioned in passing that I use LaTeX, and that led to me showing off a couple documents I've prepared. I showed them the version of Kelly's Lectures on the Church of God, because it has some Greek and Latin characters that are difficult to represent accurately in a word processor.

One of them says, "You read William Kelly?"

"Oh yeah!" I reply, "Do you?"

"I have all his books," he says, "I like Ironside too."

"My favourite author is J. N. Darby," I respond.

"I have all his books too," says the web developer.

Who'd have guessed? Here I am working at this ultra-liberal university, and it turns out one of the web developers---a web developer!---is reading Kelly, Darby, and Ironside.

This might well be the most exciting morning I've had since moving out here.


Web Developer said...

Yeah it has been an exciting day for me too.

Chuck Hicks said...

But does he read FWG?

Caleb aka "Web Developer" said...

I have read a Little FWG but mostly WK, JND, and Ironside. I also really enjoy some of the more modern writings in pamphlets that were put out by Bible Truth Publishers. Some of these tend toward legalism which I am no fan of, but there are some real treasures.

Shan said...

Uh..."ultra-liberal university"? The one YOU work at? Amazing, how you can't tell books by their covers...or which shelf they're on. Stop me if this metaphor isn't working.

And, in other news, would you believe there are terrible, evil people attending ultra-conservative churches? No, seriously.